• Invitation to attend and ability to submit abstracts of original work to the Annual SOLAS Research Meeting, where the latest research is presented and members openly discuss technique and outcomes;
  • The opportunity to participate in current and future research projects and publications to help advance the understanding of lateral access surgery;
  • Visibility to peer-to-peer educational training opportunities and access to online educational resources, as well as opportunities to contribute to definition of clinical and training best practices;
  • Participation in the SOLAS Forum, an online portal for case presentation and peer-to-peer discussion;
  • Access to relevant updates like recent publications, ongoing and planned research activities, reports of recent Society events, and more through the SOLAS Newsletter;
  • Collaboration with peers through the SOLAS Member Network Blog to share and discuss the latest in lateral access surgery and relevant industry news;
  • A profile in the SOLAS Member Locator, allowing patients to find surgeons in their areas who are leaders in lateral access surgery;
  • Access to SOLAS-branded patient education materials.

As a component of the Society’s focus on education, residents and fellows training under SOLAS-member mentors may apply as members-in-training.  In-training membership requires a recommendation by the attending SOLAS member, and affords access to SOLAS educational materials, including invitation to the Annual Research Meeting, but does not include access to practice directive materials such as the SOLAS Member Locator and patient education brochures.

SOLAS Membership is annual, and a member’s continued interest in and active engagement will be re-evaluated at the anniversary of membership approval each year.  For renewal, the Membership Committee will evaluate continued clinical utility of the lateral approach (based on an expectation of a minimum of 10 lateral spinal procedures per year) as well as participation in one or more Society activities, including single- and multi-center research, the Annual SOLAS Research Meeting and/or regional meetings, training course opportunities or other peer-to-peer events, SOLAS Forum case discussions, and/or advocacy activities.